Today in homeschool, one of my son’s assignments was to fill in the blank.  He had a list of words, and a string of sentences, each missing one of the words from the list.  As he went through them, he came to one and seemed to ponder it for a while.

His list was: hand, at, plant, thank, grass.

The sentence that made him pause was:

We will be ___ home soon.

Finally he spoke.  "I know that ‘at’ is the right word to put in the blank here, but it actually reads best without it, just as it is."

Can you tell he’s his daddy’s boy?  My heart actually swelled with pride, because he was absolutely correct, the sentence didn’t require the addition of ‘at’ to make it complete.  He’s just 7, and he recognized this.  Think maybe he’s developing some writerly habits already?  😀

On another note, it seems my Live Writer has blown up again.  I don’t know what the problem is, but as I write this, it’s too late for me to try to deal with it.  Time enough for that tomorrow.  Damn, I don’t want to go through this again!  Wahhhhhh!

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