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And it’s FREE!  Just this week, today through Saturday.

Scales of Justice [Kindle Edition]

Scales of Justice

What’s it about?  Let me tell you!

A cowboy. A dragon. A lonely trail, twenty years long.
Connor is a licensed Hunter, and carries the gleaming silver irons to prove it. He’s been hunting a particular dragon for twenty long years.

When he lands in Gray Gulch, the old farmer Jed tells him a story of loss and revenge. But Connor’s not interested in riding with a partner – until Jed describes the very dragon Connor’s been chasing.

Connor lets Jed join him on the trail, and they set out after the dragon both men loathe. But Connor is a man with a history and a mission. One he won’t let anyone interfere with. At any cost. His single-minded purpose is tested when he discovers things aren’t exactly what he thought.

Though he’s been on it for much of his life, he learns the trail still has a few mysteries for him to unravel.

It’s a pretty cool story, if I do say so myself.  I like the people my husband invents.  I like seeing how they navigate through the messes he puts them in.  And it helps a LOT that he’s a good writer.  Smile 

This one’s got a little bit of pretty much everything, so give it a whirl!  Then tell us what you think in the reviews.  Smile

Happy reading!


Oasis, the book!

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I’m all about the shameless promotion when I feel it’s appropriate, and I do now.  My friend, Bryce Beattie, has published his first novel, Oasis.  Here’s the link over to Amazon, where you can pick up a copy.  If you hurry, you can get it in time for Christmas!  Oasis (Paperback) 

Here’s a description of the book:

One night after a marathon shift in the emergency room, Corbin St. Laurent sees a Red Cross trailer offering free vaccinations. He quickly discovers something is terribly wrong, but it’s too late. Terrorists have used the trailer as a front to inject dozens of people with a deadly virus that takes over the mind and controls the body. The next morning the power goes out and the the government quarantines the entire city. Corbin finds himself trapped in a city of no hope. Infected men and women roam the streets in mindless packs, seeking only to spread their infection. Being stuck in cramped quarters and extreme conditions, tempers flare and fear paralyzes the rational mind of all but the toughest of survivors. Corbin struggles to find safety–evading the infected, finding refuge through sleepless nights, fighting exhaustion, fending off heat stroke, and coping with treachery and betrayal. It’ll take everything Corbin’s got just to survive the outbreak in Oasis.

I know my husband enjoyed reading through the rough-cut of this story, and a reviewer on Amazon described it this way:

What a great book! A wonderful new twist in the zombie world. This book is so much more than your run of the mill zombie story. The main character is well written and is a testament to what people will go through and deal with in order to survive. Mr. Beattie takes the reader on a truly fun and at times heart pounding ride. I wish I could have given it 10 stars!

Looking for Christmas gifts?  Looking for a good read?  Here’s your chance!  Pick up my friend Bryce’s book.  You’ll be glad you did! 



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