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J. Dane Tyler

Today, in honor of the almost-launch of Siren Lake, a short story I’m releasing as a stand-alone today (or whenever I can get it priced correctly and published, oy!), I’m offering FREE stories on Amazon’s Kindle store today only!

Remember Me:

Remember Me

She danced under the full moon, a vision of beauty and romance from the ocean’s frothing waves. The moon struck in her eyes and captivated me. Before long, our hearts beat as one. But something forlorn lurked just beneath her beauty, something which grew stronger as the moon waned.

I fell in love with her, hopeless and deep. But the moon grew stronger in her eyes even as it faded in the sky toward new, and she insisted I know her. I dig into my memories but she’s not there. And how, oh how under Heaven, could I forget the only person I’ve ever loved like this?

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