J. Dane Tyler

I’m honored to have a great young pulp author today posting fiction here on my nest o’ nightmares! This piece comes direct from author Bryce Beattie, from StoryHack.com, and author of the zombie-pulp novels Oasis and The Journey of St. Laurent.

So, without further ado, let’s have some noir! Take it away, Bryce!


Brick Work

by Bryce Beattie © 2012 Bryce Beattie, all rights reserved

People tiptoe through my office door all the time burdened with questions to which they do not really want to know the answer. If they also come through the door carrying enough lettuce for a three day retainer, then we do business. It’s not usually easy, it’s often dangerous, and it almost always requires getting more than a little dirty. Ah, well, it’s work. Brick work. That’s my idea of a joke. You see, my name’s Brick Baines, and I’m a…

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