J. Dane Tyler

Today we have as our guest author, Micheal Esser, of the “Deadz” series “The Deadz” and “Vegaz Apocalypze”.

Welcome, Michael!

Michael, “The Deadz” is the first of a series of zombie books you’re working on. What made you want to write zombie fiction?

I moved from a big city to this little town and one day I was looking around and thought to myself, “What would happen if a zombie outbreak happened here?” We seem so isolated that I thought it would be a real problem! So, the idea was born.

Do you have a special fondness for that area of horror or do you have any plans to branch out into other areas?

I do have another zombie storyline or two I’m throwing around. I might like to do a mash up of sorts. My daughters sparked an idea to write, “Vampires vs. Robots” and I’ve set it in…

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