J. Dane Tyler

OasisToday, I’m pleased to have as my guest author Bryce Beattie, whose work includes the self-published zombie-pulp thriller Oasis, and its sequel (on his blog for now), The Journey of St. Laurent.

Bryce, you’re too young a man to be familiar with the pulp-era style, so how did your love of pulp come about?
Well, It kind of stemmed from my love of the era itself. There was this one Christmas where my parents gave my brother and me some tape sets of The Shadow, Cape Cod Mystery Theater, and some hard boiled detectives, I can’t remember which ones. So I started to like some of the popular genres of the time. Over the years, I liked other stuff about the era as well. In high school, I got into Big Band jazz, and then swing dancing. I kept doing that for a long time. I even ran…

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